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Post workout Backache.

  • Since the time work outs and gyms gained momentum, backaches and post work out and soreness has become very common.

  • Exercises do come with great benefits. It has become an inevitable part of one's life. Understanding the type of exercise, the exact techniques to perform them and their benefits as per the requirement of the individual plays a very important role when it comes to tackling backaches.

There are many reasons and causes for one’s back complaints.

  • Poor posture while exercising

  • Poor exercise techniques

  • Weak core muscles

  • Overuse

  • Pathologic conditions

  • Venous insufficiency

What must one do in case of Post workout back pain?

Is it possible to prevent post workout back pain?

Yes, one can easily prevent it by:

  • Paying attention to the workout, proper techniques, adequate warm-ups and cool downs.

  • Maintaining the right posture throughout the workout·       Gradual shift from low impact to high impact exercises which will help in avoiding high risk and further injury to the back

  • Advancing the frequency and the intensity of the workout gradually can avoid sudden and unexpected overloading of one’s back.

  • Core exercises that include low-impact cardiovascular exercises (walking or jogging), exercise ball workouts, or even water therapy. These exercises help increase blood flow and stretch and strengthen your muscles. 

  • Stretching the lower extremity, spine and pelvic muscles prior to workout.

Is post work-out back pain a cause of concern?

  • While mild pain or soreness might not be bothering to many, excruciating and continuous pain might require your attention.

  • Back DOMS tends to develop gradually after exercise. 

  • A sharp and acute back pain that occurs abruptly while or immediately after exercising is not normal and is usually a sign of an acute lower back injury

  • Pain that does not subside within 3 days’ time might demand your curiosity.

  • Disturbed sleep, neurological symptoms like numbness, tingling, weakness, or pain that radiates to the lower extremities might indicate possible or developing injury.

Physical therapist

Your Physical therapist will be the right person to assess your pain and level of injury if any.

  • Rest and Cryotherapy

  • Gentle isometric core exercises, can help relieve back pain.

  • Stretching and Flexibility exercises

  • Soft tissue mobilizations

  • Manipulation

  • Low impact exercises will promote recovery.


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