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Top 3 Physical therapists in Brownsville
Brownsville Herald readers Choice award
Brownsville Herald readers Choice award

We are only as good as our patients say about us!  Patients Love our services, you will too!!


Patient reviews:


“I had pain all the time in my shoulder and muscle weakness after I saw the therapist I was able to move my shoulder without any pain.”


“When I went to see the therapist for the first time I was in a lot of pain and had difficulty walking. As I started my sessions I noticed a big change right away, I was able to move a little more without that much pain.  When I was done with all my sessions I was not hurting at all and could walk pain free. I would recommend the therapist to all my friends as he is a great therapist.”



“I couldn't move or raise my right arm and in one visit when the therapist was done with my first session immediately I was able to raise and have mobility! I thought wow fantastic! I can actually move and I'm staying with this therapist” 



“The therapist knew exactly were the trigger points associated with the pain and worked with those muscles and nerves. I did not have to take pain medications since I started therapy sessions.” 



“Oh my gosh he is an excellent therapist! I was in so much pain he started off slowly with me and boy did he do an awesome job with all the pain that I had on my neck and back! He showed me how to do some exercises to this day I still do them just to keep me fit and in shape.” 


“The therapy made me walk again thanks to god and the care here” 



"Have had physical therapists before which were good, but Robin is awesome! He has worked with me specifically on my Parkinson's issues and am definitely seeing progress. He is the best! "



"Robin was awesome. I had a total hip replacement and only had two weeks for rehab before I had to head back to Minnesota. Robin prepared me for the trip with skillful, gentle hands and was always mindful of any pain. He was very knowledgeable and gave me instructions that were very helpful to make me walk without a limp. I wish I could have brought him back to Minnesota with me. I highly recommend him to anyone that needs rehab."

5★on BirdEye, Sep 14, 2017

Ana M C.

The staff is great, helpful and fast. Robin the therapist, is in few words, very professional. Excellent therapy and services. Thank you! Tania

5★on BirdEye, Aug 10, 2017

Noe H.

The staff is impeccable, willing to assist , friendly and very respectful.Highly recommend this place.Robin and Gabby thanks for what you do.Hope you know what you all do in this therapy center improves peoples lives I speak from my personal experience. Thanks again.

5★on BirdEye, Aug 10, 2017

Cristi H.

I would recommend this place because Robin does know what he's doing, You tell him where your pain is and after the message the pain is less as his works his magical hands

5★on BirdEye, Aug 04, 2017

Ramona D.

Physical therapy was to my needs. therapist and pta were very knowledgeble and completed task in a very professional manner.

4★on BirdEye, Aug 03, 2017

Rachel A.

My experience was good. I have learned stretches. that will help me to keep recovering.

5★on BirdEye, Jul 19, 2017

D G.

Everybody is friendly and professional. Any problems, if any, are immediately responded to either by Robin or one of the staff. Wait time is minimal. The therapy process is completely explained as it is being done. I am completely satisfied with my progress. I recommend using Valley Healing Hands for your therapy.

5★on BirdEye, Apr 18, 2017

E C.

The therapy was done very professional and targeted all the areas of need. I saw progress and felt the encouragement to continue my therapy. Thanks to healing hands I can now use my arm to make my own coffee and do my daily activities. If you have a need for therapy I highly recommend Healing Hands


5★on BirdEye, Mar 01, 2017

V z.

You're services have been very beneficial to my daughter and your availability has been helpful as well.

Business Response:

Thank you for your great Review! We very much enjoyed having her here as our patient at Valley Healing Hands!

5★on Google, Feb 25, 2017


It has been a pleasure working with Robin, they produce top quality FCE assessments. I would highly recommend their services!

5★on Google, Feb 11, 2017


Compassionate staff and very dedicated.

4★on Google, Feb 06, 2017


Robin is a knowledgeable and gentle, but good physical therapist. His treatments have been thorough and beneficial. He and his staff have been flexible with my schedule and helpful with dealing with my doctor and insurance.

5★on BirdEye, Dec 19, 2016

L H.

I feel much better after you therapy , both physically and mentally . The OT and PT were great.

5★on Google, Dec 13, 2016


Very kind and caring staff. 
Very professional and compassionate. 
Give them 5 stars plus

5★on Google, Dec 12, 2016


Great friendly staff. Feels like family! I would definitely recommend.

5★on Google, Nov 16, 2016


It's a great place to relief pain from your lower back, great staff and physical therapist:)

5★on BirdEye, Nov 09, 2016

P B.

Very competent and friendly staff

5★on Google, Nov 09, 2016


5★on Google, Nov 04, 2016


5★on Google, Nov 04, 2016


Great place to work,patient care and individual needs are of utmost importance.

5★on Facebook, Nov 04, 2016


5★on Facebook, Nov 04, 2016


5★on Google, Nov 03, 2016


Great team environment and very supportive management. Competitive rates. Provides continuing Education. The owner /head therapist is always looking to improve quality of care and service rendered to all clients. A highly recommended home health agency. Excellent company.

5★on Facebook, Nov 03, 2016


Great place to work, where each patient's individual care is of utmost importance.

5★on Facebook, Nov 03, 2016


I enjoy working with the friendly staff, working with the adult patients and flexible schedule�

5★on Google, Nov 02, 2016


awesome agency to work for, office staff does their best for our patients

5★on Google, Nov 02, 2016


I enjoyed working with the friendly staff, working with the adult patients and flexible schedule😊

5★on Google, Nov 02, 2016


I've worked for Valley healing hands since it began. The office staff is supportive, the rates competitive, and the owner is a therapist himself. As far as treatments are concerned, the company prides itself as being client centered. Pt.'s are called to see if they are happy with the services being provided, and staff will make any changes necessary to make sure a pt. Has positive outcomes from their therapy.

5★on Facebook, Nov 02, 2016


This is a great homehealth agency to work for. They pride themselves in patient satisfaction and are always looking for ways to improve.

5★on Facebook, Nov 02, 2016


Excellent staff to work with! They take care of our patient's.

5★on Facebook, Oct 30, 2016


I went to the clinic with extreme pain. Could hardly move my arm. The personal treatment I received was superb .Robin, my therapist, worked every exercise with me . I felt improvement after each visit,and with certain home exercises i am getting stronger. I feel blessed to have had the best care , and can't sing enough praises of "Healing Hands "

5★on Google, Oct 28, 2016


5★on Facebook, Oct 28, 2016


Excellent working environment! Will greatly recommend for Therapy services

5★on Facebook, Jun 28, 2016


5★on Facebook, Jun 24, 2016


5★on Facebook, Sep 17, 2015


I spent the better part of the last 4yrs hardly being able to walk due to a serious spinal injury. When my doctor ordered physical therapy for me I was pleased to find out that the physical therapy would be done in my home. After only 1 month of muscle manipulation and physical therapy my mobility has improved by at least 20% and my pain level has improved as well. For me 20% is a small miracle. Valley Healing Hands has made it possible for me to begin water therapy/exercise. So thank you to Robin the director and thank you to Atanacio my physical therapist. I highly recommend Valley Healing Hands to anyone in need of physical therapy

5★on Facebook, Apr 05, 2015


5★on Facebook, Sep 19, 2014


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