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Friends from Brownsville

Project: Friends from Brownsville

Date: 08/27/17 900am Monday to Tuesday 8/30/17 500pm

Aim: to aid in disaster relief following Hurricane Harvey


Valley Healing Hands, LLC will do a 100% matching contribution to donations received towards disaster relief supplies collected from public and would provide the donations to Food bank of RGV and Red cross. We would welcome public to come forward with their relief supplies for those who are affected by Hurricane Harvey and drop off at our office at 3475 W Alton Gloor Blvd, #D, Bro, Tx 78526, Phone 956-350-2143. The drive would be from 08/27/17 900am Monday to Tuesday 8/30/17 500pm. We would prefers donations in kind rather than cash but will accept any donations made. We would encourage public to find other donation opportunities listed below if they would like to donate directly to a First responder team. We would like to invite like minded business to join us and become a 100% matching contributor and be a ‘Friend from Brownsville’. Currently, we would match 100% up to a total donation worth up to 1000.00 USD

Other donation options are listed below:


• American Red Cross. To donate visit, call 1- 800-RED CROSS or text the word HARVEY to 90999 to make a $10 donation.

• The Salvation Army: To donate visit or call 1-800-725-2769.

• Catholic Charities USA: Visit to donate.



Foodbank of RGV

Physical: 724 North Cage Blvd., Pharr, Texas

Mailing: P.O. Box 6251, McAllen, TX 78502

T: 956-682-8101 F: 956-682-7921



• Red Cross:

• Salvation Army:



Donate: Visit or call 210-731-5590 to schedule an appointment to donate blood



Donate: Visit the donation page at and designate your donation for Disaster Relief.


Temporary accommodation by Airbnb members:

If you are in need of a temporary home or would like to offer your home up for free,

Mother's Day Celebration
Upload on our facebook link with your Mother's day Picture with your MOM and give your mother a chance to win 100$ Gift card.
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