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Yergasons Test

  • Yergasons test is a simple, quick physical test used to help detect problems with biceps tendon, specifically, the long head of the biceps tendon.

  • Yergasons test can also detect a tear in your transverse humeral ligament, SLAP tear and biceps tendonitis.

  • The test was devised in 1931 basically for detecting bicipital tendonitis.

  • The test has been found to be more useful in diagnosing SLAP lesions than biceps diseases.


  • Patient must be seated with humerus in neutral and elbow in 90 degree flexion and in pronation. The patient must externally rotate and supinate their arm against the manual resistance of the therapist produced by wrapping the hand around the distal forearm (just above the wrist joint)

  • If the pain is reproduced in the bicipital groove and a biceps or a SLAP lesion is suspected, the test may be considered positive.

  • If a "clicking" sensation familiar to the patient is produced during the test, damage to the transverse humeral ligament should be suspected.


  • Sensitivity  0.43

  • Specificity  0.79

  • Positive Likelihood Ratio  2.05

  • Negative Likelihood Ratio  0.72

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