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Had Colles fracture? Distraught about the 'dinner fork' deformity as you have a malunited fracture?

  • Dinner fork deformity is due to colle’s fracture in which the fracture of the distal radius in forearm with dorsal(posterior) and radial displacement of the wrist and hand. Dinner fork also called “bayonet” deformity due to the shape of the forearm.

CAUSE:- ⇒ Wrist fracture. ⇒ Over stretched hand (common in child) ⇒ Osteoporosis ⇒ Traumatic accident ⇒ Sports like skiers, skaters and bikers. ⇒ Calcium deficiency is a contributing factor for the deformity.

SYMPTOM:- ⇒ The patient finds difficulty in moving his wrist. ⇒ The pain increases when wrist is flexed. ⇒ There is swelling of the wrist area. ⇒ The area is tender to touch. ⇒ Bruising is common as a result of severe impact. ⇒ There is numbness in hand. Fingers may become pale.

TREATMENT:- Medical treatment includes upper limb Elevation, Compression and Medication. Surgical treatment depends upon severity of fracture.

  • An un-displaced fracture may be treated with a cast alone

  • A fracture with mild angulation and displacement may require closed reduction.

  • Significant angulation and deformity may require an open reduction and internal fixation or external fixation.

Physical Therapy Management includes:

  • Reduction of oedema by positioning and draining techniques

  • Hydrotherapy and Thermotherapy to reduced pain, oedema and discomfort

  • Active Range of Motion exercises

  • Passive and Active wrist mobilization to improve restricted mobility

  • Exercises to improve grip strength

  • Exercises to improve ADLs and writing skills.

At Valley Healing Hands, Brownsville, Texas, we provide the best Physical therapy treatment for Colle’s fracture. Our therapists will guide you through the programme and make sure that we attain the goals together with you. Our patients are all totally satisfied with our services and you may learn about us here. You may also get connected to us here. Our patients love us and you too will!!!

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