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A quick look at "Midfoot pain". If you are suffering from pain in midfoot area, let us help you.

Midfoot pain

  • Midfoot pain is one of the common musculoskeletal conditions that is treated by physical therapists

  • The midfoot is the highest point in the arch.

  • The most common causes of midfoot problems is due to overuse injuries, arthritis, tight calf muscles or due to overweight.

Symptoms of midfoot pain

  • Achy, sharp, shooting Pain that gets aggravated with walking or with activity

  • Swelling

Physical Therapy Treatment

If the cause is overuse, treatment may include

  • Rest

  • Cryotherapy

  • Stretching exercises

  • Arch supports

  • Weight loss

  • Anti-inflammatory measures.

Understanding the cause of the pain is the base to a successful treatment and relief of symptoms.

At Valley Healing Hands, Brownsville, Texas, we provide the best physical therapy treatment for midfoot pain. Our highly skilled therapist will be by your side, providing you with the best assessment as well as with the best and personalized therapy programme as per your severity. Our patients are totally satisfied with our services and you ay learn about it here. You may also get connected to us here. Our patients love us and you to will. Also, watch out for more posts here as we will be posting more on foot pain.

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