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Physical therapy in Menstrual health? Seriously? Yes, you heard it right.

  • There are many types of menstrual disorders that women suffer from and the symptoms and its effects vary from person to person.

  • There are various treatment options available for treating menstrual disorders ranging from medications to surgery.

  • Treatment depends on the type of menstrual disorder and the severity of the problem.

  • Neglecting one’s menstrual health can become troublesome. But if you have gotten yourself seen to and are seeking for the guidance of a physical therapist, you are at the right place.

  • And yet, if you are one among those who never knew that physical therapy plays an important role in Menstrual Rehabilitation, we assure you that your therapist can help you with a lot of your pain and pelvic strengthening.

Menstrual rehab involves the following:

  • General management

  • Pelvic floor rehab for menstrual disorders

General management


green leafy vegetables, oats, avocado, broccoli, olives, walnuts, almonds, beans and lentils, and legumes. Berries, Naturally processed food like milk, butter, and curds also can be taken. Fish oils, salmon, and tuna have great health benefits and are good to take during menstruation.

Avoid aerated drinks, sugars and all kind of junk food.


Complete sleep and timely sleep can heal a lot of pain and plays a major role in menstrual health. Many women complains of less sleep or difficulty in sleep continuity during periods or a few days prior to periods. . Hormonal changes at this time (e.g. sudden drops in progesterone) affect the body’s temperature control. In turn this affects sleep quality. Following good sleep habits can benefit during these days.


Therapeutic exercise reduces pain intensity in patients with primary dysmenorrhea. physical exercise reduces stress, pain, and prostaglandin levels. Therefore, the use of physical exercise as a therapy has been shown to improve not only the symptoms of pain and mental health but also the quality of life.

use of regular aerobic exercise with moderate intensity can reduce or prevent the occurrence of certain menstrual disorders. Therefore, aerobic exercise can be used as a preventive, therapeutic or therapeutic approach to control dysmenorrhea and other menstrual disorders. In fact, it can be said that performing regular aerobic exercise through mental and physical relaxation and improving blood flow can improve menstrual symptoms.

Anxiety and stress management

  • Cause negative effects on menstruation.

  • Breathing exercise can help

  • Luke warm bath helps in relaxing

  • Engaging in hobbies can divert attention from stress and reduce anxiety.


Data revealed that the taping and taping with hot pack groups showed significantly reduced premenstrual syndrome following intervention

Hot pack

Hot packs help in relieving menstrual cramps and related discomfort. It reduced premenstrual syndrome.


Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) has been suggested as an effective pain reduction modality in primary dysmenorrhea. Several studies have investigated the effectiveness of TENS in reducing pain, decreasing the use of analgesics, and improving the quality of life in primary dysmenorrhea patients.

Pelvic floor rehabilitation

This involves various pelvic floor exercises. Pelvic floor muscles are skeletal muscles. They can be trained, retrained, strengthened by repeating the same exercise overtime. Modes included are:

  • Mirror feedback

  • Kegel Exercise

  • Neuro Muscular Reeducation (NMR) of shortened or tight muscles and tendons

  • Soft tissue mobilisation to help in break adhesions and optimize muscle function.

  • Stretches for Leg muscles

  • Relaxing overacting muscles

  • Activating right muscles

  • Right exercises at the right time, the right way.

  • Learning to coordinate the pelvic floor muscles with the diaphragm, the deep abdominals and the other core muscles.

  • Controlling abdominal pressure and avoid damaging the pelvic area with high impact activities, wrong abdominals exercises or coughing.

  • Integrating functional exercises according to your daily activities and sports.

At Valley Healing Hands, we provide the best physical therapy to promote good menstrual health. Our therapist will guide you and train you to do the right measures to keep your pain away and help you in strengthening your pelvic muscles so that you enjoy ultimate menstrual health. Our patients are completely satisfied with our services. You may learn about their opinions Here and get connected to us Here. Our patients love us and you too will.


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